Own house thanks to early inheritance: “I am eternally grateful to my father”

Own house thanks to early inheritance

“I am eternally grateful to my father”

The Gehrig family from Oberrohrdorf in the canton of Aargau was only able to afford their own home thanks to a generous early inheritance. Claudia Gehrig is still infinitely grateful to her father. One day she also wants to help her children buy a property.

Equal opportunities for everyone has long since ceased to apply in the real estate market. After all, working hard and saving is no longer enough to be able to afford a house of your own. The gap will widen further in the coming years: over 400,000 baby boomers move out of their homes – and often pass them on within the family.

The birth lottery when buying a home has existed for decades, as reported by Blick reader Claudia Gehrig (57) from Oberrohrdorf AG. «28 years ago my husband Alois (62) and I started a family. Soon there were four of us. It was only thanks to my parents that we had the opportunity to become homeowners at all,” she says. Her father bought the small 4.5-room house 29 years ago for almost 500,000 francs. A workers cottage from the fifties.



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