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This is not the same at all .

Ow 1 is a live service game. Ow 2 has all ow1 content + many extras for free, updated graphics engine , more maps , more heroes , … and ow 2 is FREE

Wc3 remaster is a remaster, with no extras, missing features of the original, missing promised features and costing the full pot to play again.

Those 2 cannot be compared in 1000 years.

What you’re doing now is crying like someone who played fortnite 10 years ago and that the map isn’t the same as it was then and that some guns shoot differently than they were 10 years ago. Boohoo hoo cry me a river….

With ow 16 you have received 6 years of updates and extra content for the 30 euros that the original cost . I have all the skins, play super casual and have never spent a dollar. Now we get a big content drop for free, she rebranded the game and it’s back no good?

Whether it’s called overwatch 2 or path or exile 2.0 or fortnite 2.0 it’s all the same in the end.

Would you really have thought it better if they didn’t release a single extra Hero and maps in those 6 and sold you a dlc/expansion/sequel every 3 years to bundle them together for 30-40 euros?

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