Corona rapid tests have been chargeable since Monday. Providers in Baden-Württemberg set the prices themselves. But how much is appropriate? Where does the rip off start?

If you want to be tested in Baden-Württemberg, you have to pay for it out of your own pocket from now on. The providers of test centers can set the prices themselves, so the costs vary. A random survey by SWR among operators of test centers showed a price range between 10 and 20 euros.


Corona rapid tests have not been free for everyone since Monday. But who does this apply to? And how much should the tests in Baden-Württemberg then cost?

In the region Lake Constance Upper Swabia are they likely to be between 15 and 20 euros costs. In the test centers in Ravensburg, Bad Waldsee and Weingarten (both in the Ravensburg district) should start the corona tests immediately 15 Euro costs. The operator of three test centers in Constance district will 15 Euro request per test. 20 Euro A pharmacy wants one corona rapid test in one Constance shopping center from now on for a corona test.

According to current SWR information, the costs per test can be in Karlsruhe, Pforzheim and Bruchsal at about 12 to 20 euros lie. The owner of a Karlsruhe pharmacy will 18,90 Euro request per rapid test. An employee of a corona test center in Bruchsal (Karlsruhe district) stated that the price per test was 16 Euro liege.

In the Stuttgart region the prices for a corona rapid test are between 10 and 15 euros. For example, in the Charlotten pharmacy in Stuttgart-center a corona test currently 13,95 Euro. Be in the Europa pharmacy 15 Euro required for a test. Outside of Stuttgart, the costs are in the Corona test center Holzgerlingen for the rapid tests 15 Euro, in Steinenbronn at 10 Euro (both in the Boeblingen district).

On three days a week you can visit “Haus der Volksbildung” in Because on the Rhine (Lörrach district) have it tested by the end of October. From now on the corona rapid test, which is carried out by the German Red Cross local association Weil-Haltingen, costs 10 Euro.

At the German Red Cross (DRK) on the market square in Tübingen and at the test center in Rottenburg (Tübingen district) the tests for now for free. In the Tübingen pharmacies cost the tests for it 15 Euro. The tests in Tübingen are free of charge, but written evidence is issued for a fee. Exceptions are people with a doctor’s certificate. According to the Tübingen pandemic officer Lisa Federle, this is to prevent corona deniers from undermining the free offer. The city bears the costs in Rottenburg, according to a spokeswoman. As long as you are not overrun and can bear the costs.

Outside of Tübingen, everyone who needs a corona test has to pay the costs themselves. In test centers in the Neckar-Alb region and in the northern Black Forest, you have to pay for the rapid tests yourself. In the rapid test center in Horb (Freudenstadt district) in the market hall, the quick test costs from Monday 10 Euro.

In the nine urban test centers in Ulm are the corona rapid tests 14,90 Euro costs, as announced by the city of Ulm. In Weißenhorn (Neu-Ulm district) the tests are to remain free for the time being. In the test center in Aalen-Wasseralfingen is supposed to do the test 10 Euro costs. In the Aalen city center on the market square and at the cinema park, the costs are included 12 Euro.

In Schwäbisch Gmünd the operator of the AA test center in the city center was still undecided. “More than 10 Euro but I don’t want to ask, “the head of the Gmünder test center explained to the SWR last week. He was still waiting for information from the state of Baden-Württemberg on how the new procedure should be handled from Monday. The operator of the castle pharmacy at the concert hall in Heidenheim, Christian Gubitz, initially has the price for a rapid test 15 Euro set.

The price range for the corona rapid test in Baden-Württemberg is obviously between 10 and 20 euros. According to the consumer advice center, a price of 40 euros would still be okay. For SWR business editor Lutz Heyser this is the end of the flagpole, that’s where the rip-off begins for him. He advises anyone who needs to be tested to find out in advance how much the test should cost. There are no guidelines from the health authorities or ministries about the maximum costs for a corona rapid test.

The providers of test centers are allowed to set their own prices. Depending on your own costs for the test kits, the staff or the shop or stand rental, these are different. An important tip from consumer advocates: The test centers should be certified by the public health service, there are lists on the Internet in individual cities and districts. In addition, the tests used should be checked by the Paul Ehrlich Institute and listed at the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices, according to the consumer advice center. There is also a list of this on the Internet.


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