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  • Dario Cologna ends his career with a 9th place over 50 kilometers classic at the great classic at Holmenkollen.
  • The Swiss crashed on the second to last lap, but still put in a strong performance.
  • Victory goes to local hero Martin Nyenget.

Dario Cologna’s farewell performance could have ended badly with a good 15 kilometers to go. The Münstertaler fell on a descent after the Norwegian Simen Hegstad Krüger, who was running in front of him, fell. But Cologna was lucky in misfortune, got back up and was able to continue the race (see video below).

In the end, it was enough for the 35-year-old to finish 9th in his 285th and very last World Cup race in the photo finish against Krüger. On the final stretch of the season, the Swiss took advantage of the Russians’ absence to finish in the top ten this winter. At the finish he was presented with a bottle of champagne and popped the cork.

However, Cologna could no longer keep up with the absolute top. This had settled after about 30 kilometers. In the end, Martin Nyenget prevailed in a purely Norwegian three-way battle ahead of Sjur Röthe and Didrik Tönseth. It was the first World Cup victory ever for the 29-year-old.

Live stream on, 03/06/22, 12:00 p.m.;

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