The vaccination buses are well received in Lower Austria.

1,145 stitches at six stations – the vaccination buses in Lower Austria set a daily record on Friday. The offer has been so well received that the number of vaccination buses has now been doubled.

The current three vaccination buses in Lower Austria set a daily record on Friday. 1,145 stitches were distributed at six stations. According to Stefan Spielbichler from Notruf NÖ, the state’s vaccination coordination office, the highest value to date was 839 immunizations on August 24th.

252 corona vaccinations in Mistelbach alone

According to the spokesman, 252 vaccinations in Mistelbach alone were also a new record. 241 in Wiener Neustadt and 230 in Hollabrunn were also above 205 on August 20 in Laa ad Thaya (Mistelbach district) – the previous high.

The number of vaccination buses will be doubled

“The vaccination buses are a great success,” said LHStv. Stephan Pernkopf (ÖVP) and State Health Councilor Ulrike Königsberger-Ludwig (SPÖ) in unison. “The more vaccinations, the fewer serious illnesses. And the faster the vaccination, the better.” Therefore, the vaccination buses in the country would also be doubled from three to six in the coming week.


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