The World Cup qualifiers advance and several teams urgently need to add units or their presence in Qatar 2022 is at risk

In the final stretch of the Close FIFA October, various teams are increasing their chances of qualifying for the Qatar World Cup 2022 while other national teams are obliged to increase their level if they want to be in the maximum football party.

ESPN Digital presents you with standout teams that could put your presence at the World Cup at risk as you are struggling to win one of the direct tickets or even a spot in the Repechage.


The squad led by Cristiano Rolando finished the day in second place in Group A with 16 points after beating Luxembourg. Currently, the Lusitanian team is classified to the play-offs and it would be until the last day when the direct pass of this sector is defined in the Portugal vs. Serbia


With Sweden’s 2-0 victory over Greece, La Roja fell to second place in Group B with 13 points. In this way, Spain is in place of play-offs but still has the possibility of qualifying directly if they beat Greece and Sweden in the last dates of the European tie. It should be noted that Greece has nine units so their confrontation against the Iberian team will be decisive in their aspirations to participate in Qatar 2022.


Gareth Bale and company run a great risk of being absent from Qatar 2022 as they are located in third place in sector E with 11 units, the same that the Czech Republic has in second place. Wales’ hope of qualifying for the World Cup is mainly going through the play-off stage.


The Turkish team has one of the most interesting squads on the Old Continent with several players who play in important teams in Europe, however, Stefan Kuntz’s squad is in serious risk of not attending Qatar by placing in third place in Group G with 15 points. Turkey must wait for Norway to stumble in order to move into second place and advance to the play-offs.


The World Cup could be without Robert Lewandowski, as although he achieved a valuable victory over Albania and was positioned in second place in Group I with 17 points, three less than England. They can still aspire to win the direct ticket to the World Cup and they depend on themselves to maintain their place in the play-offs.


The Andean team positioned itself a few years ago as one of the powers of America, but now they are at risk of missing their second World Cup in a row. Martín Lasarte’s selection is in eighth place in the Conmebol qualifiers, an area in which the first four classified advance directly to the World Cup while the fifth place qualifies for a Repechage. With 10 points, Chile still has a chance to be in Qatar 2022 but is bound to win its next matches and expect defeats from Colombia and Peru.


Located in the fifth position of the South American qualifiers, Colombia will seek to get a good result against Ecuador and hope that Uruguay falls to Brazil to get among the first four classified. However, if the coffee squad continues to add draws, Reinaldo Rueda and company could say goodbye to their dream of playing in the next World Cup.

Costa Rica

In CONCACAF, the first three qualified teams advance directly to the World Cup and the fourth qualify for a playoff so Costa Rica must do its best if it wants to go to Qatar in 2022. The Costa Rican team is in fifth place with six points and their next matches will not be easy at all when they visit the United States and Canada.


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