Outstanding specialist visits the Faculty of Medicine

On the occasion, they made the protocol greeting and reported details of said postgraduate course. In addition, Dr. Palermo thanked the official for the reception at the House of Studies, where he will work for two days with teachers and graduates.

Regarding the above, he added that: “it is a pride to be in the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of the Northeast leading this Diploma course together with Dr. Aguirre, which is quite complex, but they have satisfactorily 80 enrolled”.

He highlighted the importance of these conferences, which are divided first into the theoretical part and then into the practices with the ultrasound scanners, with the patients, with the doctors, “it will be an impeccable day and a very important contribution to the science”, explained Dr. Palermo.

For his part, the co-director, Dr. Daniel Aguirre, pointed out that “this is the first Diploma in the Northeast and one of the first in the country in higher education in maternal-fetal medicine, it is a diploma in which it covers, above all, the great pathologies of the moment of preconception, at the beginning of a woman’s pregnancy and, of course, aims to improve perinatal results in terms of developing the best technology and scientific evidence, in the most important pathology of pregnant women”.

Organizes the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of the Northeast, Obstetric Clinic Chair I, synchronously with the University of Cuyo, a link that helps us and empowers us.

The co-director also said that this is the first cohort and that an important staff of teachers from our Faculty participate, along with the direction of Dr. Mario Palermo, whom he described as valuable and important, Dr. Elba Mirta Morales, Dr. Carlos Casella and a group of professionals specializing in maternal-fetal medicine from the country, from South America and some from Europe.

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