Opinion poll Maurice de Hond has been very active for a few months now with regard to the coronavirus. His main point of view has always been that aerosols – virus particles in the air – play a much larger role than the ‘heavier’ particles that RIVM focuses on. That is why he always states that ventilation is extremely important. Open windows, ventilate well. That will save a lot of infections.

In conversation with One today De Hond explains where, according to him, it all went wrong at RIVM. His main criticism concerns the one and a half meter society. “It’s such a bullshit outside,” he says. “RIVM has come up with results of the contact investigation. No one has been infected outside. We are going to force ourselves into a straitjacket outside by a meter and a half. It is really insane, unbelievable. ”

De Hond is also furious with the cabinet because of mismanagement in nursing homes and nursing homes. Many more people died there than was necessary. “5,500 people have died in health care institutions, some of them not from COVID-19, but simply from loneliness,” says De Hond. And that while the solution – at least to limit the impact of the new Chinese coronavirus in such homes – is obvious. “Around March 20, I came to the conclusion, based on studies, that the big battle would be in the healthcare institutions. You can prevent this by opening good ventilation and windows. ”

Seriously, is it that simple? Yes. Partly. You cannot prevent all infections with it, of course, but it would have been a considerably smaller battlefield if something had been done with this information (and warnings from De Hond).

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