“Outrageous process” – the Office for the Protection of the Constitution collected data on almost all MPs

PKK: “Serious border crossing”

As before, the PKK ruled that the actions of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution were clearly illegal. It is obvious that none of the cases listed did not meet the requirements of the Saxon Constitutional Protection Act for storage. The capture and storage of Facebook posts represent a serious border crossing. The MP concerned, Martin Dulig, has thus become the object of intelligence gathering information (without hidden means).

Dulig: “Outrageous process”

Martin Dulig told MDR SACHSEN that he had made the request for information months ago and received a six-page response from the office with “lots of irrelevant stuff”. The process was monstrous. The fact that the report of the Parliamentary Control Commission is available and the current follow-up report are signs that the matter is being dealt with. He assumes that everything will be done to ensure that something like this is no longer possible in the future. According to the PKK report, it has been ensured since February 22nd that “irrelevant data on members of the state parliament is deleted immediately”.

Protection of the Constitution: “Relevance check not carried out on time”

The President of the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution (LfV), Dirk-Martin Christian, affirmed in a press release: “Since I took office, the legality of storing parliamentary data in the LfV has been the top priority. In the past few months I have subjected the previous practice to a thorough examination and have already done a number initiated by legal and organizational measures that will ensure a legally secure procedure in the future. We will continue to maintain a close professional exchange with the PKK on implementation. ”

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The PKK had already criticized the fact that there was no suitable data management regime in the previous term and that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution was insensitive to the data of MPs. In 2017, electronic data processing was introduced at the State Office. The documents would have had to be viewed promptly and data such as Martin Dulig’s had to be deleted because they had no added intelligence. However, this relevance check was not carried out on time, explained LfV President Christian.

Changes to database systems necessary

The follow-up report of the Parliamentary Control Commission, which was published today, also dealt with the technical and organizational inadequacies of the database systems that are currently used in the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution. The PKK is calling for changes to be made in order to prevent illegal storage in the future.

The scandal surrounding the illegal collection and storage of data had put the Saxon Interior Minister Roland Wöller under massive pressure last year. Wöller sees himself confirmed today: The report shows that the data storage was illegal. “Therefore, the immediate processing and replacement of the then President in 2020 was logical and necessary, not least because of the high constitutional significance of the free mandate in our democracy.”


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