Outlook: Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Announces Quarterly Results for Most Recent Year | 5/9/22

Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals will release its financial statements on 05/10/2022 for the most recent quarter ended 03/31/2022.

On average, 12 analysts expect earnings per share of USD 0.145. A loss per share of -$0.260 was generated in the prior-year quarter.

12 Analysts put the turnover at an average of 122.2 million USD – that would correspond to an increase of 272.30 percent compared to the same period last year. At that time, USD 32.8 million had been generated.

For the fiscal year, 12 analysts on average are forecasting a loss per share of -$1.134, compared to -1.360 in the same period last year. Average sales are estimated by 12 analysts at USD 275.9 million, compared to USD 138.3 million in the previous year.

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