Outages and delays expected at AUA

Stagnant KV negotiations

Flight cancellations, delays and rebookings as a result

Published: March 07, 2023 07:07
Updated: March 07, 2023 1:39 p.m

There is now a warning strike after a works meeting of the AUA on-board staff. A total of 36 flights and 1,800 passengers are likely to be affected by delays, rebooking or cancellations today.

Passengers scheduled for today, Tuesday, with a flight Austrian Airlines (AUA) must continue to expect delays, rebooking or flight cancellations. What began with a staff meeting of the crew on board led to a warning strike that is expected to last until 2:30 p.m. At the works meeting, it was unanimously decided that the meeting would go on warning strike, said Yvonne Heuber from the Vida union to the APA.

36 flights affected by AUA works meeting

According to the current status, 36 flights and around 1,800 passengers will be affected by the works meeting, the AUA announced in advance. Destinations in Central Europe are mainly affected by the adjustments. “Austrian Airlines long-haul destinations can currently be served regularly,” said AUA. In order to keep the effects as low as possible, among other things, employees who were on “standby” were called to work, according to the AUA press office. And the airline has already actively informed those passengers who provided a telephone number or email address when booking about flight adjustments and rebookings.

Your rights in the event of a flight cancellation or delay

Salzburg Airport probably not affected

As can be seen from the departure plan, the Airport Salzburg not be affected by the AUA works meeting. No cancellations have been announced for today’s Tuesday.

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1,200 on-board employees showed up

The board staff works council invited the approximately 3,200 members of the board staff to a works meeting, which, due to the large number of participants, did not start until 9.45 a.m. – 45 minutes late. 600 to 1,000 employees were expected, but 1,200 turned up, said Yvonne Heuber from the Vida union.

Hesitating KV negotiations as a trigger

The meeting will last two to three hours, said Rainer Stratberger, board works council, to the APA. At the works meeting, the on-board staff should be informed about the faltering renegotiations on the collective agreement (KV). After an initial agreement in the KV negotiations in October, the flight staff called for renegotiations due to the airline’s good results in the third quarter, which to date have not been satisfactory for the works council. After all, inflation has risen since then and a salary increase will not take effect until May. The fact that the savings package ended earlier should not be mixed up with the KV negotiations.

“Many employees tell us that they are satisfied with the offer. We now have to see who is further away from our employees,” noted AUA COO Francesco Sciortino last week when presenting the annual results.

Strike clearance since October

At this works meeting, further steps can also be voted on, said Heuber. The union had already given strike approval in October last year and this is still valid, she added.

(Source: APA/SALZBURG24)

Accessed on March 8th, 2023 at 4:23 a.m. at https://www.salzburg24.at/news/oesterreich/aua-flugausfaelle-wegen-betriebsversammlung-und-warnstreik-135098260

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