Our nuclear submarines are in hiding and waiting if we are threatened

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said British nuclear-armed submarines are “under water, hidden, waiting, in case Britain needs to be protected.”

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The tension between Moscow and London is still rising. If two days ago the Deputy Minister of Defense James Heappey, in an interview with the BBC, had declared that he considered “fully legitimate” the eventual decision of Ukraine to strike Russia on its territory with weapons supplied by the United Kingdom, today to increase the dose was the titular defense, Ben Wallace, according to which “NATO forces far outweigh the Russian ones”. Not only that: the minister has made it known that British submarines equipped with nuclear weapons are “underwater, hiding, waiting, in case Britain needs to be protected“Wallace explained that he does not fear an aggression from Russia” because we have large armed forces, a nuclear deterrent and we are part of a NATO partnership of 30 nations. “The Defense Minister added:” I think we should be a lot. grateful to this country for retaining a nuclear deterrent, I think it is very important. Many nations, as we know, have wanted to get rid of it over the years. Also I am very grateful that somewhere under the sea, some extraordinary men and women are underwater, hiding, waiting, in case Britain needs to be protected. It’s important”.

London’s goal: “Russia withdraws from Ukraine”

The Johnson government therefore continues to add fuel to the fire and fuel tensions with Moscow. The British aim is to force Russia to “withdraw from all Ukraine”, even at the cost of projecting the duration of the conflict to a prospect of many years. The message was spelled out today by the Foreign Minister, Liz Truss, hawk of the Tory team, on the sidelines of a speech on London’s new geopolitical strategies in the light of the ongoing war outlined in the traditional annual Easter Banquet speech at the Mansion House. Truss invoked the need for a broad rearmament of the West, an increase in offensive military supplies to Kiev (including jets), a scenario of economic security based on the elimination of imports of Russian gas or oil into Europe and even a sort of “global NATO” project open in the future up to Taiwan.



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