Horror fall on Saturday evening: Günther Jauch slams on the floor in an RTL show. He injured his hand in the process.

the essentials in brief

  • Günther Jauch fools around with “Because they don’t know what’s going to happen”.
  • Because of the wet floor, the moderator falls.
  • There is great horror in the TV studio.

Frightening second on live television: In the RTL stupid show “Because they don’t know what’s happening”, TV legend Günther Jauch (65) hits the floor!

During a game, the moderator and Thomas Gottschalk (71) and Barbara Schöneberger (47) have to shoot water balls with water sprays. A wet and happy affair with nasty consequences.

The water makes the ground slippery. Jauch runs through the TV studio and slips in a curve. Then it cracks, Jauch falls sideways to the ground. Ouch!

Günther Jauch has to suffer after a fall

Great horror in the group, employees rush to help, Barbara Schöneberger screeches: “Shit!” Then Jauch gets up with a groan, the shock written on his face.

He later explains: “I sustained a hand injury.” The wound turns blue. “That has an aftermath. That is to be taken seriously! “

Would you like to shoot beach balls on live TV?

While Schöneberger is investigating the injury, Gottschalk advises him to take a lawyer. “Then I’ll keep going for so long.”

Jauch jokes about a possible compensation for pain and suffering: “In America that would be 24 million, about.” Oops!

However, it is unlikely to know about a lawsuit. By the next game, the pain seems to have subsided. Jauch continues to play happily as if nothing had happened.

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