Are the bills always very high? Consumption always too high?

Responsibility is almost always linked to excessive use and abuse of some appliances we have in the house. Consumption varies according to the appliances chosen and the use made of them. In fact, not all appliances are the same and not all have such a negative impact on the energy balance. However, some small but unexpected gizmos are real energy eaters.

But which are the appliances that would consume the most?

On the podium of electricity consumption we find the washing machine, in fact many are unaware that the cause of expensive and salty bills are these very common and trivial errors with the washing machine and laundry. Furthermore, those who use washing machines, ovens and hairdryers in this way are losing money and 3 simple tricks to avoid waste and save on bills.

Other than washing machine, the cause of very high bills would be this small and unsuspected appliance in our bathroom

The real energy devourers are actually those small appliances that we use more rarely, but recklessly. An example is the hair dryer.

When we talk about small appliances that devour energy, we cannot forget about a small apparently ally of our well-being, the warm bathroom. An appliance that instead hits hard on the bill.

A warm cuddle that hits hard on the bill

An indispensable object especially on cold winter mornings to immediately give warmth to our bathroom and make our awakenings less traumatic. It is no coincidence that it is loved by everyone as it is able to give us a pleasant warm cuddle in just over a few seconds.

Its consumption varies according to various factors, the size and furnishings of the room, electricity rates, external temperatures. To calculate consumption, just look at the back of the label and estimate an approximate calculation.

However, we can already say with certainty that for the same heat emitted, its consumption is very high. Ideal to be used only in times of need and to heat rooms that are not excessively large.

But how much does a hot bath cost?

The prices of this appliance are low, around 40 euros, but also a little less. However, the true cost can then be found in the bill. If it is really impossible to do without it, then during the purchase it will be necessary to pay attention to the nominal heating capacity and the dissipated power. Data that we can find on the back of the label and that will allow us to estimate an approximate consumption. This will allow us to choose the least expensive one.

How to save

Assuming that it would be impossible to give up household appliances, the only way you can really keep your bills and consumption under control is to reduce their use. Reducing consumption, and using electrical equipment in an intelligent and conscientious way will make us achieve great savings and avoid paying very high bills.

Therefore, other than washing machine, the cause of very high bills would be this small and unsuspected appliance in our bathroom.

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