Other than Lukaku, welcome Azmoun.  With Taremi he challenged the Iranian regime

Other than Lukaku, welcome Azmoun. With Taremi he challenged the Iranian regime

“The rules imposed here in the national team prevent us from speaking until we’re in retreat, but I can’t bear to remain silent any longer. Is the punishment expulsion from the national team? Well, kick me out. If it will have served to save even a single strand of Iranian women’s hair, it will have been worth it. What is happening will never be erased from your conscience, I’m not afraid. Shame on you who killed our people so easily: and long live Iranian women. If these are Muslims, may God make me an infidel”. I don’t know about you: but even if the new signing welcomed with a thousand and one nights celebrations in Rome by the Giallorossi fans was Romelu Lukaku, I’m happier than in Serie Sardar Azmoun, 28, has arrived under the Dome, the footballer whose position you have just read against the violence of the regime in his country, Iran, following the assassination of Masha Amini, the girl killed for wearing the veil improperly and whose death plunged Iran last autumn into a spiral of protests, repression and violence. […] Taremi did not hesitate, like Azmoun, to personally expose himself on social media during the terrible days of the repression of the Raisi regime. “Justice cannot be done with a noose”, he wrote on Twitter after the hanging of two young protesters and the death sentence, later transformed into a sentence of 26 years in prison also thanks to the #NoToExecution hashtag relaunched by him and others well-known European footballers, decided on behalf of a Tractor footballer, Amir Nasr Azadani, accused of “Mohaerebeh” (war against Islam and the State). “What society will ever find peace if there is bloodshed and executions every day?” Taremi asked, siding against the government and alongside the demonstrators and the people. From Iran with honour: when football becomes civilization, humanity, daring. Welcome to Rome Azmoun. And what a pity not to have you here with us, Taremi. (Daily fact)

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