Other than basic income.  There is work: here is the offer of 11,000 seats

Other than basic income. There is work: here is the offer of 11,000 seats

Companies 4 March 2023 – 09:39 AM Among the most sought-after figures are office workers, surveyors, gardeners and IT specialists. Legacoop denounces the difficulties in finding manpower Table of contents The national congress The slowdown in economic growth The intervention of ministers Economic growth risks slowing down and for various reasons: increase in energy costs, increase in the prices of raw materials and materials , insufficient level of short-term liquidity, bureaucratic impediments. In the light of these data, the good news is that there is no shortage of work, in fact, in the next six months, 11,000 new workers will be needed, among the most sought-after figures are above all office workers, surveyors, gardeners and IT specialists. This is what emerges from an estimate by Legacoop which at the same time denounces the difficulties in finding manpower, especially as regards the professional skills sought. The national congressThe state of the Italian cooperative system was examined in detail during the 41st national congress of Legacoop, which will see Simone Gamberini take over from Mauro Lusetti in the office of president at the conclusion of today. The proceedings were opened by messages from the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, and the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. The head of state underlined how sustainable development represents, together with inclusiveness, “one of the challenges in contemporary society”, and invited cooperative enterprises to “reflect on their role in this context”. The prime minister, dwelling on the need to “defend and promote” the social function of cooperation, indicated as a priority that of “countering the distorted use of the cooperative form and, in this battle, the government can and must know how to count on the protection of legality , supervision and control exercised by those who do cooperative business”. The slowdown in economic growth A system that still holds up despite the economic shocks: only 10% of the realities, Legacoop found, mainly micro and small cooperatives in the South, declare that they are at risk of closure or foresee a downsizing. Demand is also holding up: 45% of cooperatives increased the value of production and almost 80% closed the year with an operating profit. But the difficulty in finding workers is the first of the challenges in this 2023 and for the outgoing president of Legacoop, Mauro Lusetti, a dynamic system is needed for the continuous management of flows, based on simplified procedures for entry, training, matching between supply and demand of Work. “The latest flow decree – highlighted Lusetti – does not change the state of affairs much”. The new president Simone Gamberini, on the other hand, is a candidate for cooperation to play a central role in affirming a new, more inclusive and sustainable development model. “We are convinced – he declared – that the form of cooperative enterprise can be fully placed in the field of the social economy, or rather of that set of subjects who share distinctive elements that have always been at the center of our experience: the primacy of the person and of the social purpose with respect to profit, the reinvestment of profits to carry out activities of collective and general interest, democratic and participatory governance”. The intervention of the ministersThe Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, spoke on the protection and strengthening of the cooperative system, because a “better resilience of the country and the relaunch of its production policy” passes through here”. While the Minister of Labor, Marina Elvir in Calderone, you indicated the workers buyout, or rather the action to save the company, or a part of it, carried out by the employees who take over ownership, an exemplary tool. “I think – he explained – that we need to study together a way in which the workers buyout model, with the relative financial leverage of managerial support, becomes a defensive tool in the event of a crisis and at the same time an ordinary tool in the transfer of businesses”.

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