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Ostachuk had his test in Brazil

Independiente started the season on the wrong foot and the performances of several players came under scrutiny after the defeat.

Falcioni’s team lost 1 to 0 against Santos for the first leg of the Eighth Final of the Copa Sudamericana, but the result could have been more bulky if it were not for the interventions of Sebastián Sosa. El Rojo had an uncomplicated first half, but he was left without legs in the complement and suffered the filming carried out by the Brazilian team.

In the second half, Sosa was the figure. The rival took control of the game and their attacks were a danger for Independiente’s defense, which could not suffice to deactivate all the offenses of the local team. The little collaboration of the forwards at the time of the pressure generated that spaces were opened in the middle of the court and Santos took advantage of it to attack with a greater number of players.

All these edges affected the performance of the defenders, who were overwhelmed both when recovering the ball and when trying to get out of the game. At a low level of the entire back line, Patricio Ostachuk came under scrutiny. Falcioni chose him to be Chaco Insaurralde’s rear partner. Remembering that Sergio Barreto was suspended and that the reinforcement Joaquín Laso is not enabled to play due to the inhibitions that the club has.

In this context that was not ideal, the youth suffered the complement and could not be confident in the brand. That was seen in the late arrivals at the time of anticipation and in the weakness in the brand. The numbers reflect that the player only won 2 of 9 individual duels, so he had to resort to the foul to compensate and not leave the team in a bad way.

Another problem that arose during the course of the game was the exit from below from behind. In a team that was disconnected and was overcome both physically and mentally, the defense could not connect with the players in front of them and several of those exits were transformed into losses. That was seen again in the Ostachuk numbers: he lost 7 balls and obtained 77% of passes made during the 90 minutes.

The proposal of the analysis is visible. Ostachuk’s performance, which was consistent with that of the rest of the team, serves to reflect the regular match that Independiente had in its first presentation of the season. Taking into account the context, the weak presentation of the youth was the consequence of a team that did not measure up.

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