Oscar Awards 2023: Who won which award?

Oscar Awards 2023: Who won which award?

The winners of the Oscars, the biggest awards of the film world, have been announced. Among the top names is the sci-fi film ‘Every Thing Everywhere All At Once’, while the First World War film ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ has also won several awards.

Actor Will Smith’s slapping of comedian Chris Rock last year at this event held in Los Angeles, California, was the center of humor and many jokes were also circulated in this regard.

Every thing, every thing, every thing

The film ‘Every Thing Everywhere All At Once’ won seven awards, including Best Actor.

The directors of the same film, Daniel Kevan and Daniel Shenert, were also given the best director award.

The best actress award was also won by Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh who showed the essence of acting in ‘Every Thing Everywhere’.

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She created history by bagging this award as she is the first Asian female actress to receive this award.

The Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress awards were also bagged by ‘Everything, Everything, All At Once’ actors Hoe Kwan and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Actor Brandon Fraser, who played the role of the hero in the famous movie like The Mummy, won the best actor award for the movie ‘The Wheel’.

‘This is what the multiverse looks like,’ said Brendan Fraser in his emotional speech at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood to accept the award.

Second place in the awards race was the German film ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’, made on the First World War, which won four awards, including

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These include awards like Best Cinematography, Best International Film and Best Original Score.

The Best Documentary Award went to a documentary on Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

While the song ‘Nato Nato’ from the Indian film ‘RRR’ was given the award for the best original song.

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio won in the Best Animated Film category.



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