Osama Nabih, the former general coach of the first football team in Zamalek, confirmed that there is an official in the previous committee in Zamalek headed by Hussein Labib, who sacrificed the duo Ahmed Eid and Ahmed Mahmoud, the team’s players, to bring his son from Wadi Degla Club, who plays in the same position (right back). .

Osama Nabih said, in televised statements: “There is an official in Zamalek who sacrificed Ahmed Eid and Ahmed Mahmoud, in order to contract with his son from Wadi Degla Club. He was not registered because of the registration problem.

Osama Nabih sent a message to the official in Zamalek Club, saying: “You are a responsible man and you know very well that the club will be prevented from being registered. Young people born in 2003 and exercise your son in the first class! (De Tabuna) »


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