Orlando releases a Best of so that his songs “don’t fall …

Before becoming the most successful producer we know, Orlando tried his hand at song. Besides, Dalida’s brother released a Best Of. The opportunity to discover or rediscover his songs!

We know Orlando, the producer. What few people know, however, is that before taking charge of his sister’s career, Dalida, Orlando also tried his hand at singing, towards the early 1960s. Moreover, some record companies had thought at the time to put him in competition with his sister, which he refused, as he explained to our colleagues inParis here, to whom he gives an interview this week. “On the one hand, because I love my sister, on the other hand, because I wouldn’t have had a chance!”, he admits. However, Orlando confides that as a singer, he had “flair”. Indeed, some of his titles have been taken up by other artists, such as My love gone who became the famous Vanina of Dave.

While he thought this period of his career was now behind him, Orlando just released a Best Of. If he didn’t want to release this album first, Orlando finally reversed his decision. “I ended up accepting, because the first songs I recorded were going to fall into the public domain. They had to be preserved from gravediggers in this profession”, he explains in the columns ofParis here. If his real passion is to put other artists in the spotlight, Orlando however, admits that he is proud of his work as a singer. “I don’t have to blush, I have a very beautiful voice”, s’exclame the famous producer who however admits to having been influenced by Dalida. “Lots of intonations remind me of my sister”, he concedes.

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