Orlando Ponce Morazán on former President Hernández

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- The former owner of the Secretary of Culture Arts and Sports (SCAD), Orlando Ponce Morazanrevealed his resentment with the former president of Honduras, John Orlando Hernandez (2014-2022) for having “used” it.

Hernández, who was extradited to USA Last April, he used Ponce Morazán for having “stolen” a deputation from him, according to the words of the also sports commentator.

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“I was very upset and resentful towards Juan Orlando Hernández and his family. I was used in 2012 and 2013 because they stole a deputation from me to give it to someone who was convenient for them to have it in Congress, they gave me a shit… of an institution to go to work, ”expressed the former head of SCAD.

“The man (Juan Orlando Hernández) used me just like his sister (Hilda Hernández),” added Ponce.

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In addition, he clarified that “I am not at all interested in being part of the National Party in the conditions it is in.”

He even assured “some nationalists write to me, but I cannot be grateful for someone who kicks you in the butt. I can thank a loyal staff and who is with me.”

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Ponce Morazán, also a former deputy candidate, was separated from this institution on 2016 after externalizing rude language on social networks after a colleague from the media outlet for which he works made a report highlighting the poverty in which the mother of this former official lived.

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“For a report made by a criminal from Jacaleapa, I left the Government,” he reiterated without giving a name, although the one who did this work was the former World Cup referee Reinaldo Salinas, who also works in the same media outlet in Ponce.



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