Orlando murder: the Pulse, club in mourning

Three days after the attack, Angel Colon wanted to speak. The 26-year-old says he initially hesitated before confronting the press and the media. How to find the qualifiers for these hours of fear experienced at the Pulse, one of the hotspots of the gay community in Orlando, on the night of Saturday June 11 to Sunday June 12? How to describe the unspeakable, the dead, the blood, the fear? How, above all, could he imagine for a single moment that he was going to survive the killer Omar Mateen, who had come to kill him at close range like all the other victims lying around him?

Angel Colon is a miracle. Like a technical sheet, that would give three balls in the legs, one in the hip and one in the hand. He is now in a wheelchair and is one of 53 injured in the shooting, the deadliest in American history with its 49 victims identified to date. “Yes, I hesitated at first, but I need to talk about this event so that everyone can understand what is happening in our community”, he explained Tuesday to the Orlando Regional Medical Center, the hospital which received almost all of the people coming from the Pulse because of its proximity to the nightclub.

“The evening was beautiful …”

Sitting in a sanitized room on the ground floor, surrounded by his sister and several other members of his family, all of Puerto Rican origin, Angel Colon’s eyes are clouded with emotion and rage, tears too. He speaks in a correct tone in English or Spanish, the words are precise, only the flow betrays the nervousness and the fatigue contained. As if the mad desire to understand and explain what happened animated each of his sentences. With the perpetrator in sight, “A heartless being”, as he calls it, without ever pronouncing his name.

“He finished each person on the ground, he came closer, he came very close, he aimed at me in the head …”

That evening, like every Saturday, the Pulse has its Latin night. Angel Colon came with three friends. “The evening was beautiful, we drank, we only laughed”, he said. And then came the attack, the bullets, the screams. “Everything stopped, we ran, but unfortunately I was hit in the legs, I fell, I tried to crawl, to pass in front, to get out, but my left leg was broken, I had to stop me, lying down, some passed me over. “ Angel sees the shooter heading into the other room of the box. “I heard him in the distance, but unfortunately he came back, he finished each person on the ground, he came closer, he came very close, he aimed at me in the head but the bullet hit my hand, he then shot at the hip. “ Angel doesn’t move. Omar Mateen is going elsewhere.

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