Orlando Magic – 2022-23 NBA Season Schedule

It’s set, it’s official: the 2022-23 NBA season schedule has finally dropped! With takeoff scheduled for Tuesday, October 18, 2022 and landing announced for April 10, 2023, the time has come to pack your bags and check your tickets. So let’s not waste any time, and check out the Orlando Magic’s 100% basketball program right now!

A red pen in one hand, the calendar of his favorite franchise in the other, and we make notes in his TrashTalk Diary!

So Orlando fans, how many years has it been since you were this excited to start your season? Sure, the goal is not yet to hang up the Playoffs, but this Magic would really like to attend the debut of the number one pick of the 2022 Draft: Paolo Banchero. Besides that? The development of the other nuggets of the team (Franz Wagner, Jalen Suggs …) will be interesting to follow, but the Florida team is not aiming for much in terms of results. There is no question of ignoring the calendar for the next campaign because “you never know, on a misunderstanding it could work”. We just hope you have a good internet connection, because with only one game on national air and five in French hours, you might not see much of Cole Anthony and company this year.

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On the opposing side, we’ve rarely seen such a … homogenous program. It’s very simple, it’s almost impossible to find one month more difficult than another, as the Magic events will often alternate between 4-5 opponents far above and 1-2 more affordable. Well ok that’s only true if we take away the three horrible weeks awaiting Orlando from November 25th to December 19th with Atlanta three times, Toronto three times, Boston twice, Philadelphia twice, Milwaukee, Brooklyn, Cleveland and the Clippers. In addition, we can note that the Magic is one of the franchises that will make the most consecutive games (two in a row) against the same team, as it will happen to them six times this season. On the other hand, in terms of rugby, Mickey’s friends will not be more wanted than that, they will only have to stick to it 13 times a year.

# Plus long road trip: 5 games from January 7th to January 15th, starting against Golden State and ending against Denver…but with Sacramento, Portland and Utah in the middle. It’s an emotional uplift.

# Longest home session: 7 games from November 3rd to November 16th, so we didn’t see it coming.

# National broadcast games (TNT + ESPN + ABC): 1, well yes but also logical.

# Number of games played back to back: 13, good draw.

# Matches at schedule French for magic :

  • 05/11 vs Kings (10pm)
  • 12/18 in Boston (9 p.m.)
  • 05/02 in Charlotte (19:00)
  • 18/03 at the Clippers (20:00)
  • 09/04 in Miami (19:00)

# A few posters to remember: the Magic won’t play on Christmas Day, aren’t included in Rivals Week, and don’t have a highly anticipated game this season. Aside from the recovery against Detroit on October 19th, we don’t really know what to advise you… Ah, but of course! Paolo Banchero vs Dejounte Murray? See you from October 21 in Atlanta for the first edition of the bar fight between the two nuggets that bickered this summer, then November 30 for episode 2, December 14 for the third opus and December 19 for the fourth part. And even if that means staying on the rookie, you might as well take note of the dates of November 1st and January 4th when Paolo Chet Holmgren, November 7th and December 21st against Jabari Smith Jr., or November 5th and January 9th come across against Keegan Murray. Fortunately, the Italian is still there.

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