Orlando, his brother, reveals his biggest and most terrible regret

Dalida may have disappeared more than 35 years ago now, she remains one of the biggest stars dear to the hearts of her fans. From then on, when his brother, Orlando, goes on television sets, the public does not miss anything of his interventions. As well, The Children of the TV had very good audiences on May 8th. Laurent Ruquier and his teams were quite proud of it, that goes without saying. But what should be remembered from this show did not escape the editorial staff ofObjeko.

A detail of the intervention of Dalida’s brother was indeed worth the detour more than the rest. And these are our colleagues from the magazine Current wife who also realized it first. As they specify in their columns, Orlando shared one of his greatest regrets with Laurent Ruquier in The Children of the TV. We tell you everything! And you will see that it was not an element that Dalida shared in The hotel of time with Thierry Ardisson.

Orlando, Dalida’s brother, confides in France 2

Orlando was not only the brother of a song icon. Indeed, he was also the producer of Dalida. In fact, he is just as well qualified to speak of the person as the star that she was. And that’s why his interventions are worth gold for the singer’s fans. But despite everything, it’s not every day that Orlando allows himself to talk about his sister’s secrets. He happens to be more talkative now because May 3 was the sad 35th anniversary of Dalida’s death.

But also because he wrote the memoirs of the singer. With the woman of letters Catherine Rihoit, Orlando wrote « Dalida – My brother, you will write my Memoirs”. A book published by Plon editions this year. This explains why he therefore makes the rounds of television sets. In addition, he also came to talk about the new unreleased box set that was coming out on the date of the anniversary of his sister’s death. A box called 35 years already.

However, it is an unprecedented confidence that Dalida’s brother was probably on the set of Laurent Ruquier, on France 2. Since the fans of the late star only talk about that. As well, Objeko grant it to you, here is a regret expressed by Orlando which is amply understandable.

This heavy regret that accompanies the brother and producer of the singer

Indeed, as our colleagues indicate in the columns of Current wife, Orlando was waiting for the last minutes of the show to confide in one of the biggest regrets of his life. No doubt that after having made the promotion which was expected of him, he felt more at ease and indulged in confidences? Perhaps also knowing that he was surrounded by trusted people and true fans of Dalida, he would be understood in his distress. Because what he describes as one of the greatest regrets of his life actually concerns his sister. Moreover, it is both the brother and the producer who can share this burden.

In effect, Objeko puts an end to the suspense, Orlando bitterly regrets having sold Dalida’s house. A house in which she had lived her last moments. It is located in the Montmartre district of Paris. By respecting his late sister’s last wishes, Orlando found himself doing things he came to regret. Sell ​​this particular house. Taken by emotion, he tells Laurent Ruquier that he would obviously have wanted to make this house a museum.

The Dalida museum would obviously have been a very special place of contemplation for the star’s fans. And a way for Orlando to keep a bit of his sister close to him. Unfortunately, who can boast of a life in which regrets do not exist? So even Dalida’s brother has to live with it. All we can hope is that having shared this regret will make it lighter over time.



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