Orlando Bloom: this crazy story about his biological father

Orlando Bloom turns 45 this Thursday, January 13. The opportunity to recall a little-known fact about the actor of “Pirates of the Caribbean”…

Actor Orlando Bloom turns 45 this Thursday, January 13! About Katy Perry’s husband, there is a little-known fact which is nevertheless an integral part of its history. Born and raised in Kent, England, Orlando Bloom grew up believing he was the son of Harry Saul Bloom, a famous South African writer and staunch opponent of Apartheid. It wasn’t until the age of 13 that Orlando discovered that Harry Saul Bloom was actually not his father. In the meantime, the latter died, taking the secret with him. It is therefore his mother, Sonia Constance Josephine, who reveals the truth to him when he is a teenager. She had rebuilt her life with Colin Stone, a friend of the family. In this improbable story, it is the latter who turns out to be… Orlando’s real father!

Although Harry Bloom is biologically not his father, Orlando feels a connection with the writer. An attachment that he wanted to sublimate by playing in the movie “Zulu”, released in 2013 and taking place in South Africa. “My mother’s husband Harry Bloom, who I discovered was not my biological father at the age of 13, fought apartheid alongside Mandela before fleeing his country for his own life. to settle in Great Britain ”, tells the actor to Paris Match in 2013. “I didn’t really know him because he died when I was 4 years old. But he stayed alive in my mind and I paid tribute to his memory by resuming his fight against racism ”, testifies the British actor.

Orlando Bloom in the spotlight for his birthday

As he blows out his 45th birthday, Orlando Bloom was honored by his wife and mother of children, Katy Perry. On Instagram, the singer posted several photos of the actor in parallel: “45 years of happiness to the nicest, deepest, most sincere, sexiest, strongest man I know. Thank you for being a constant compass, an unshakeable anchor and bring a zest for life in every room you enter. You are the love and the light of my life. I thank my lucky star for you and our dear Dd ”.

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