“Coyotes” surprise delinquent borrowers of Infonavit and buy their houses at a low price

The federal deputy of Morena, Alejandro Carvajal Hidalgo, denounced that groups of “coyotes” outside Infonavit, offer 30 to 50 thousand pesos for homes that fall into default.

The secretary of the Housing Commission In San Lázaro, he pointed out that managers take advantage of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic to strip accredited Infonavit from their homes.

At a press conference, the Puebla legislator detailed that they offer from 30 to 50 thousand pesos for homes that have fallen into arrears from 3 to 6 months to later sell them at market prices between 400 and 800 thousand pesos.

“There is a phenomenon that with the pandemic has flared up at Infonavit. They are coming to the housing units managers those who are saying to the people: they are already behind, leave their homes and in exchange they give them 30 to 50 thousand pesos and sign a transfer of rights before a notary. ”

Carvajal Hidalgo called on the citizens to not be surprised and not to abandon their homes, since on instructions from the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, there are no evictions due to lack of payment and collection offices they are suspended.

“Many people for fear of being evicted are signing the transfer of rights to these managers, and in the future these managers fix the house and sell it at a market value price,” he said.

He affirmed that “it is a fraud” to the detriment of citizens, so the Chamber of Deputies is asking that this situation be investigated so that the same practice is not repeated as in previous governments where the most humble people lost their homes .

Finally, he demanded to stop these organized crime groups that are taking away the wealth of the poorest people in the country.