Oregon: Conservative counties want to move to Idaho

Oregon in the northwest of the USA is considered a liberal state: its citizens have been voting for the Democrats in US presidential elections since 1988 – and all the governors who have been in office since 1987 belong to the party. For the residents of five more conservative districts, this is apparently too liberal: In a vote, they spoke out in favor of moving to neighboring Idaho – a state that is considered to be much more conservative.

As reported by the Washington Post, residents of Malheur, Sherman, Grant, Baker and Lake counties voted for a resolution that obliges local authorities to examine whether a new demarcation between the states is possible.

The vote was initiated by an organization called Greater Idaho. On her website she writes as justification that the border between the two states was established 161 years ago and is now obsolete. “This election proves that rural Oregon wants to leave the state of Oregon,” said Chairman Mike McCarter in a statement.

Actual change probability is low

According to the Washington Post, the probability that the counties will actually change states is low. Not only would the Idaho and Oregon parliaments have to approve it, but Congress too.

However, the idea illustrates the turmoil in the whole country. Melissa Wintrow, Democratic MP in Idaho, sketched the idea as catching political votes for Republicans: “These people use this stuff for campaigning, not to help govern,” she said, according to the report. “We are the United States of America.” It is time to take a deep breath, to be honest about “where we will go together.”

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