Order of up to 80 jets: Norwegian has fallen in love with the Boeing 737 Max again

The low-cost airline is about to make a major purchase. Norwegian plans to purchase 50 Boeing 737 Max 8s with an option for 30 more.

As the pandemic paralyzed global aviation, the previously ailing airline was finally placed in intensive care. And her chances of recovery were uncertain. But she got up and survived. With new leadership, new strategy, restructured finances, and smaller ambitions, Norwegian Air Shuttle restarted.

The financial recovery also included the cancellation of 92 Boeing 737 Max, which the airline had once ordered to support its ambitious growth plans. Norwegian later announced that it would also say goodbye to the 18 Boeing 737 Max already received and thus to the model altogether.

Closed and closed by the end of June

But at the end of last year and after another change of boss, the assessment changed. Boeing 737 Max will be added to the fleet again, Norwegian said. Around a dozen aircraft have been leased for several years. But that’s not enough for the low-cost airline.

On Monday (May 30) it announced that it had reached an agreement in principle with Boeing on an order for 50 Boeing 737 Max 8s. The aircraft are scheduled for delivery between 2025 and 2028, whenever leases expire. As a result, the fleet will only grow to a limited extent, according to Norwegian. At the same time, Norwegian secured an option for 30 more 737 Max.

Large part of the fleet owned

The agreement in principle on the purchase should result in a definitive contract by the end of June. “This is a landmark deal that paves the way for Norwegian to own a large portion of its fleet. This will result in lower overall costs and greater financial robustness, enabling us to further consolidate our position in Scandinavia,” says Chairman of the Board Svein Harald Øygard.



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