Option to edit message and lock chat box now available on WhatsApp – Saher News

Option to edit message and lock chat box now available on WhatsApp – Saher News

WhatsApp WhatsApp But now the option to edit the message and lock the chat box is available
Option to block fraudulent calls on WhatsApp with Truecaller coming soon!

Hyderabad: 20/May
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Meta as the most popular social media platform worldwide Meta# Owned by “WhatsApp”. WhatsApp#” has a distinct identity of its own. Which is considered very popular. WhatsApp is one of the most used social media apps in the world. 180 In countries 60 In use with different languages. And daily 100 More than billion messages/videos/audios and images of different content are sent and received through WhatsApp.

India is the world leader in the use of WhatsApp, where it has the largest number of users 487.5 There is a million.

WhatsApp keeps informing its users about the new features that are introduced from time to time. According to reports, WhatsApp now has True Caller. TrueCaller# Along with international/national fake calls and spam calls on WhatsApp SpamCalls# Working on automatic blocking feature!

In recent days, WhatsApp has BetaVersion# Users have been introduced to a number of new features including audio status, chat lock and now the option to edit messages.

Chat lock : This new feature of WhatsApp allows users to select both personal and group chats that they want to keep private or hidden. Meta Company has launched this feature globally. According to the WhatsApp blog, to lock a chat That thread is moved out of the inbox and placed behind your folder which can only be accessed with your WhatsApp password or fingerprint that you have saved.

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This feature can be great for people who usually have to share their mobile phones or laptops in offices or workplaces. The official video uploaded by WhatsApp clearly shows that this feature can be helpful for people who share their phone with family or others.

Lock the message box Lock# How to do it can be seen in this video

With this, you can now add photos, videos to WhatsApp status 30 You can record the second audio in your own voice. Condition It will be that you have to record the audio at the same time, no song or ghazal can be recorded.

Now WhatsApp can send messages automatically in groups Message# Edited by Edit# This edit option will be very useful for users who want to edit their sent messages Messages# Can be edited. Sometimes a word is mistyped. So delete it Delete# It was rewritten.

But now WhatsApp users modify the messages sent by themselves Edit# But this facility is only for sending messages 15 Minutes will remain available until later. After that, they cannot be edited.

WhatsApp Web Beta Version BetaVersion# These features are likely to be rolled out to the general public soon Google Play Store# From WhatsApp Latest Version# update Update# can do

How to edit a message :-
To edit any message sent privately or in groups, after selecting that message, tap the three dots at the top right. 3 DOTS# ( . . . ) has to be clicked where now Info ، #Copy# with Edit# option is also given. After clicking on it, the message sent by you will appear back in the typing box. After editing there, you can send this message again. 15 Minutes are given after which the edit facility will be terminated and editing will not be allowed after this interval.

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However, after the edit, sending and receiving WhatsApp users with this message Edited# It will appear that the message has been edited. You can edit this message many times. Even after repeated editing, only one edited message will be sent.

message Message# Edit Edit# The procedure can be seen here

Five days ago, Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Meta, a company that owns popular social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, said through his post on Facebook that chat lock facility is going to be provided on WhatsApp.

After that, Mark Zuckerberg announced on Facebook that now the message editing option will also be introduced on WhatsApp. Remember that editing facility for posts and comments is available on YouTube and Facebook only. On Instagram and Twitter it is The facility is not available.


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