Opposition splits positions ahead of possible constitutional impeachment against Siches and Jackson | National

Opposition deputies showed divided positions on a possible constitutional accusation against the former minister, Izkia Siches, and the current minister of foreign affairs, Giorgio Jackson.

Opposition MPs were divided against the idea of ​​presenting a constitutional accusation against the former Minister of the Interior, Izkia Siches, and the Minister of Social Development, Giorgio Jackson.

This idea was born as an initiative by the UDIjoined by members of the Republican Party.

The deputy of the UDI, Cristián Labbé, assured that they will comply with the action its supervisory role and that they must meet with the other parties of Chile Vamos during the week to progress.

Among the points that would be considered, Siches would be held responsible until now for the increase in violent crimedue to the lack of legislative dexterity to make security projects urgent.

Meanwhile, Minister Jackson is criticized for his slow to speed up initiatives.

The Republican deputy, José Meza, indicated that while they would support the action, will be open to listening to the rest of Chile Let’s Gonot to make mistakes as in the accusation they presented before.

For his part, the RN deputy, Andrés Celis, ensured it within the party no conversations yetand adds that the text must be extremely well founded to support the accusation.

Who did not think the same was the deputy of the People’s Party, Rubén Oyarzo, who insisted that this this would not be the time to stay in small policies.

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Under the current Constitution, a Secretary of State can be prosecuted while in office or up to three months after leaving office.

In the case of former minister Izkia Siches, she left her post three weeks ago, so the deputies are within the set period.



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