In a context in which the market demands more and more positions linked to the digital world, they just launched 400 scholarships globally (includes Mendoza) aimed at courses related to technologies such as blockchain, AI and cybersecurity, highly demanded.

It is a proposal promoted by Santander Bank, through Santander Universities, and MIT Professional Education, with online courses that are open to anyone over 18 who lives in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, United States and Uruguay.

Participants will gain knowledge to help them boost their employability and career path. While applicants can choose from five courses designed by faculty from MIT, a world leader in innovation, education and digital transformation.

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-Digital transformation: technologies and their practical applications: This course offers knowledge of the five technologies that are transforming business in this digital age: blockchain, cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) and cybersecurity. Participants will delve into these technologies and learn about the challenges companies face when implementing them. No prior technical experience is required to take this course.

– Machine Learning: technology in decision making. Through the reduction of uncertainty and inconsistencies, machine learning is becoming a fundamental element in reliable and data-driven decision-making processes. This course offers participants a broad view of machine learning – a branch of artificial intelligence – to improve their operational decision-making processes. This course is aimed at people with a technical background or who have some knowledge about these technologies.

– Design of effective solutions with MITdesignX: Focus. As the problems facing humanity increase in complexity and scale, the ability to identify, frame and develop impactful solutions has become a crucial competency. In this course, participants will become familiar with concepts and tools that will help them when designing a product or service to address today’s intricate problems. Participants can bring their own problem to develop a solution or they can use the ideation process to select a problem to solve. No training or technical experience is required for this course.

– Product family management: from strategy to implementation. This course examines the concept of product families and platforms – keys to modern industrial operations – and how they can maximize cost savings and increase variety. Participants will analyze the current trend of mass production and customization while learning how to strategically position products, systems and services in an always competitive market. No training or technical experience is required for this course.

– Management of technological development. Fierce competition is an integral part of the digital age business world, forcing organizations to innovate and develop at lightning speed to stay ahead. This environment requires leaders who adapt, continually learn, and understand that technology is key to directing their organizations toward a more prosperous and connected reality. Participants will explore technology roadmaps before developing their own and learn how to make more effective technology implementation decisions, helping to shape R&D portfolios. This course is designed for people with technical knowledge or relevant experience.

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Digitized labor market

According to Javier Rogl, global director of Santander Universities, “We are promoting our commitment to higher education to open the doors of the labor market. These scholarships, offered together with a distinguished international partner such as MIT Professional Education, are proof of this. The labor market is being digitized, so there is an increasing demand for professionals with digital skills and thanks to these scholarships they will acquire this knowledge. “

“The shortage of people with skills in digital technology, both in the EU and in Ibero-America, means that thousands of jobs that require digital training may remain vacant. Our mission is to provide MIT knowledge and experience to professionals from all over the world. so that they can develop the competencies necessary to participate and lead firmly in the fourth industrial revolution, “concluded Bhaskar Pant, CEO of MIT Professional Education.

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