Opponent of war defends anti-militarist occupation of the Altmark combat training center (daily newspaper Junge Welt)

Press release of the »Abolish Nonviolent Action GÜZ« from October 20th: War opponent defends anti-militarist occupation in court

On Tuesday, an opponent of the war was sentenced by the Bonn District Court to a fine of 100 euros. As part of the non-violent campaign to abolish the GÜZ, she entered the combat training center (GÜZ) Altmark last summer to disrupt the practice. In front of the court, supporters protested against the war exercises of the Bundeswehr and the imposition of fines on activists as part of a vigil with corona distance.

Julia Weise, 23 year old student of cultural studies, argued in court:
»We entered the Altmark Combat Training Center of the Bundeswehr with 25 people. In doing so, we did not cross pacification. Still, I knew what I was doing at that moment: I was entering a military security area. And for several reasons. 1. This is the place where war is practiced. According to the Bundeswehr, all soldiers who are deployed abroad are in training here beforehand. War causes suffering. 2. Wars in violation of international law are being prepared. 3. This place is rented out. Profit is made here with war. 4. The Colbitz-Letzlinger Heide is located in a nature reserve. The fired ammunition runs the risk of polluting the groundwater. «(…)

Julia Weise demanded in court: “If there is going to be a conviction, then I would like to work off the fine in a social organization. Then at least fractions of the money will not flow into the military budget ”. In the judgment, the fine was reduced from 200 euros to 100 euros. (…)

For the occupation of the Altmark military training area in August 2019, 25 activists have received fines of between 200 and 500 euros in the past few months.

The Verdi regional district of Berlin-Brandenburg announced on Tuesday about the warning strike by 4,000 workers in Berlin:

On October 20, over 4,000 employees of the BSR, Vivantes and Charité, the pension insurance and numerous other federal institutions were on a warning strike in Berlin.
For example, the garbage disposal and parts of the city cleaning department were on strike. The BSR recycling yards will remain closed all day. Several hundred strikers took part in decentralized rallies at Fehrbelliner Platz (pension insurance schemes, job centers, employment agencies), Alex (Charité and Vivantes) and a silent vigil in front of the Federal Ministry of Finance (employees of federal institutions). (…)

»The offer from the employers’ side that has been available since Friday has very disappointed many of our colleagues. I see that the bargaining parties are still very far apart in this collective bargaining round. One thing is clear: if there is no agreement in the negotiations, which will resume on Thursday in Potsdam, the Berlin workers will still be ready to strike! «Said Frank Wolf, Verdi district manager Berlin-Brandenburg. (…)

In the current collective bargaining round, Verdi is calling for salary increases of 4.8 percent, but at least 150 euros a month. In addition, the increase in the apprenticeship remuneration by 100 euros as well as regulations for taking on apprentices and adapting vacation leave to the level of the employees are required. The negotiations will continue on October 22nd and 23rd in Potsdam. (…)