Responses to the EU deal on Corona support to countries and the budget have been mixed. But that has no consequences for the distribution of seats. It is the same as last week.

Responses have been divided with regard to the result achieved in Brussels. 36 percent are positive, 34 percent negative, the rest are neutral. Both within the coalition and with the opposition we see large differences in the judgment. The most positive are voters from D66, PvdA and Groen Links. The most negative voters of PVV and FVD.

If we look at how the attitude of Prime Minister Rutte is assessed in those negotiations, we see that 51 percent think that he has done well and 39 percent think that he should have been stricter. Only 10 percent say they should have been more flexible.

With regard to the Corona crisis, it has been asked whether it is felt that certain relaxations, introduced on 1 July with regard to measures to combat Corona, should be reversed. 41 percent then answered positive and 48 percent negative.

More than half of the Dutch overestimate the proportion of infected persons found during testing. 55 percent are in favor of a mouth mask in public indoor areas. Voters of CDA and PvdA are almost 65 percent in favor and voters of PVV and FVD are nearly 40 percent.

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