Operators demand Apple remove spy-preventing feature on iPhones

iCloud + includes, among its various options, a feature called ICloud Private Relay. This came with iOS 15, and it is a kind of VPN –although not exactly the same– that allows us to surf the internet without the internet service providers (operators), third-party companies or even Apple being able to “spy” on what we do.

It’s a very useful —and free— feature for iPhone and iPad users, and it lets you not depend on third-party apps that offer VPNs. But nevertheless, some operators in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States they are not very happy with this feature. In fact, they are asking the European Commission to force Apple to withdraw it.

According The Telegraph, Vodafone, Telefónica, Orange and T-Mobile, have sent a letter to the European Commission detailing that the iCloud Private Relay “may negatively affect the ability of operators to effectively manage telecommunications networks.” This iCloud feature also prevents networks and servers from accessing “vital network” data and metadata, as mentioned by the CEOs of the aforementioned companies.

The objective is that The European Union prohibits the Private Relay function of iCloud, as it happens in countries like China or Colombia. In these territories, laws prevent Apple from offering this feature to users. Therefore, it would not be strange to see a similar movement in Europe. In fact, the EU Digital Markets Law, which could come into force next year, could ban the use of iCloud Private Relay, but the operators want the system’s ban to be possible before then.

Operators are starting to block iCloud Private Relay from their customers

The aforementioned media assures that the European Commission has not yet responded to the request of the group of operators. However, and according to 9to5Mac, some of them have started to block the feature to their customers, who have seen an alert message in the iCloud Private Relay settings, through the iPhone settings. The message specifically says the following.


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