The Santo Domingo Este City Council is preparing to receive in the next few days the fleet of 25 trucks that will be integrated to give continuity to the waste collection program that the institution has started with the aim of definitively solving the garbage problem. in that demarcation, and which began with the Cleaning Route Operation.

The operation, which is carried out jointly with Public Works and the Office of Special Programs of the Presidency (Propeep), since last July 20, will be extended until September 30 when the new units are integrated and thus prevent them from being present again the accumulation of garbage that was lived in days past in the municipality.

This was reported on Monday afternoon by Mayor Manuel Jiménez, at a press conference together with the Minister of Special Projects, José Leonel Cabrera (Neney), where the progress of the operation was announced.

Jiménez pointed out that the garbage collection work was affected by the rains generated by the recent storms Fred and Grace that affected the country, which prevented compliance with the 45-day period established to comply with the program.

However, he indicated that with the integration of the new trucks, acquired at a cost of 122 million pesos, a mixed model of waste collection will begin, in which the City Council and an external company that will be hired through a tender will participate. .

He said that the trucks will be installed with a GPS system and cameras, which will allow digital monitoring of the route and frequency they develop.

For a greater effectiveness of the program, it will also continue to socialize with the different sectors of the municipality and with the communities, in order to effectively comply with the garbage collection plan.

Since the Clean-Up Route operation began, a total of 120 thousand tons of garbage have been collected, of which about 50 thousand were taken from the transfer station or open-air landfill located on the banks of the Ozama River.

In the press conference, offered at the Hipódromo V Centenario, the Minister of Youth, Luz del Alba Jiménez, Anthony Brito, director of the Cleaning Route, Edgar Minyeti, director of Urban Cleaning of the Santo Domingo City Council also participated. Este and Dolores Batista, coordinator of constituencies of the operation.


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