Opening steps – from July no more curfew

The responsible Minister of Health Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens) said after the Council of Ministers in an interview with the APA. In doing so, he corrected the statements made by Tourism Minister Elisabeth Köstinger (ÖVP), according to which the night restaurant may also open normally from July. “From our point of view it makes a lot of sense to proceed step by step,” said Köstinger in the press foyer after the Council of Ministers on the question of the curfew. “That is also the reason why we can extend the curfew to 24 o’clock tomorrow and thus also give it the prospect – and we really assume this because the infection situation is very positive – at the beginning of July, which of course also includes the number of Those who have been vaccinated will be much higher again to be able to open the night catering area – in the sense of the closing of the curfew. “

According to the responsible Minister of Health, Mückstein, the matter is different: “Night gastronomy is an area that is still relatively unprotected. Because many adults are still unvaccinated.” Dancing and drinking at the bar are still not possible, only consumption at tables is allowed. This will be regulated in the regulation for openings from July 1st.

For the Flex on the Danube Canal, this means, for example, that you can set up tables there and consume on them, but cannot organize a disco in the classic sense, explained Mückstein. However, he reiterated the government’s plan that the classic night-time restaurant would open in the summer. “At least that will take place in the summer.” Details will be decided by the end of June.

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Night gastronomy representatives complained about today’s confusion and blamed the Minister of Health for it. Industry spokesman Stefan Ratzenberger described it as “illusory” to announce at the end of June whether and how the nightspots will be allowed to open on July 1st. “A discotheque or a club need at least three weeks to open,” explained Ratzenberger. 3G should be enough, also for dancing or drinking at the bar. The Chamber of Commerce representatives Mario Pulker and Peter Dobcak welcomed the elimination of the curfew. This also takes the party pressure from public places.

The further openings planned for tomorrow, Thursday (June 10), will come as announced, said Mückstein. Because the number of infections continues to decline sharply and vaccination is “moving quickly”. “With these positive developments, nothing stands in the way of the opening steps.” Numerous relaxations are planned: Instead of two meters, the one-meter distance rule will apply again, the curfew has been moved from 10:00 p.m. to midnight, and up to 16 people outdoors or eight people indoors (plus children) may come together in the catering trade ( instead of ten or four). In retail and leisure businesses, more customers can be allowed in again. Cultural events can be used to a greater extent (75 instead of 50 percent). In outdoor areas, the mask falls completely. There is also relaxation when traveling, for example the so-called “pre-travel clearance” is only necessary when entering from high-incidence and virus variant areas.


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