Open kitchen: the most beautiful inspirations

The open kitchen has not finished talking about her! Synonyms of friendliness and of shareit is often at the heart of living interiors, where a generous atmosphere and a frantic pace reign.

You are not completely convinced? Discover now the most beautiful open kitchens, those who inspire us and make us really want to; be sure that after that, you will want to adopt them.

Kitchen open to living room – YellowTrace

Why choose an open kitchen?

When we work on kitchen layout, we often ask ourselves the question of an open or closed kitchen. It must be said that both have their advantages and disadvantages, we just have to choose what best suits our lifestyle!

The biggest advantage of an open kitchen is that this allows to have a larger living space, family and friendly, if you like to cook. Lovers of good food invest their kitchen as an extension of the living room and the dining room. However, it will take some rigor to ensure that this space is well maintained and that it does not tarnish the rest of the room.

Our tips for a successful layout of your open kitchen:

  • Think that even if there are two distinct spaces in one room, you absolutely have to play on uniformity. We will bet, for example, on an identical floor everywhere. In the case of a wooden kitchen, it is preferable to find the same essence in the living room part.
  • It is important to make visual demarcations of spaces. If there is a central island, it can be used to delimit the kitchen area. And in the living room, you can opt for a nice carpet.
  • We will also consider betting on cute kitchen accessoriessince these are visible from the living area.
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A sublime open kitchen in a house in Melbourne

In this magnificent house located in Melbourne, the choice of a open kitchen seems to be obvious.

The living room is subtly divided into two spaces: the kitchen part and the living room part. And yet, everything is really harmonious! The white brick walls contrast beautifully with the huge black bay windowwhich allows natural light to enter the entire room.

Black, we find it precisely in small touches, here and there. On the stools, on the sink and the faucets in the kitchen ; but also in the living room, with the gallows lamp and the fireplace.

Kitchen open to modern home living room
Kitchen open to living room – YellowTrace
Open kitchen in light wood
Arrange an open kitchen – YellowTrace
Kitchen open to living room 40m2
40m2 living room open kitchen – YellowTrace

Open kitchen: the most beautiful decoration ideas

With or without a central island, in light wood or dark wood, huge or of the correct size: all ideas are good to take for successfully decorate your open kitchen !

Open kitchen in dark wood
Kitchen open to living room – Isabella Lowengrip
Kitchen open to living room 25m2
Kitchen open to living room 25m2- Decorative Turbulences
Open kitchen with rattan bar stool
Kitchen open to living room – Soul of Gerringong
Kitchen open to dining room
Kitchen open to dining room – Alvhem
Open kitchen with bar
Open kitchen bar – Studio McGee
Kitchen open to dining room
Kitchen open to living room with island- Archzine
Golden brass suspension in the kitchen
Open kitchen with central island – Studio McGee
White open kitchen to dining room
Kitchen open to dining room – CDT
Kitchen open to Scandinavian style dining room
Kitchen open to dining room – Alvhem
Open kitchen with central island in white marble
Kitchen open to living room 30m2 – Architonic
Open kitchen with central marble island
Open kitchen with island – stafford architecture

Shopping: essential accessories for a pretty open kitchen

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And for even more inspiration and decoration ideas, you can consult our dedicated Pinterest board !



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