ONLYOFFICE 6.3: Dark theme, password protection and new productivity features

The open source cloud office solution ONLYOFFICE has released the new version 6.3 of its online document editors. The update adds a new, darker look to the user interface with the Dark Theme to make it easier for users to work in low light

Further visual innovations bring a new light theme and a 150% scaling option. In addition, the password protection for documents, tables and presentations is now also available in the online version. Furthermore, the update contains numerous productivity features, which should make working with documents more efficient and easier. For example, the “Track Changes” function has been revised, new diagram types have been added and the management of lists has been greatly simplified.

ONLYOFFICE Docs 6.3 is now available on the official website at

Dark theme and other visual improvements

With the new dark theme, users get a new look for the user interface to make it easier to work in less light.


One of the main features of the new update is the dark theme that the community has long wanted. The mode gives the user interface a darker look, which is particularly useful when working at night or in poorly lit environments. The light version of the user interface, henceforth called Light Theme, has also been revised. In addition, working on smaller monitors with high HDPI has been simplified – the user interface can now be scaled to 150%.

Password protection for online documents

The password protection already published in the last version for the desktop application is now also available for documents, tables and presentations stored online. In this way, users can assign, adjust or remove passwords in order to be able to restrict or release access to certain documents.

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New productivity features for more efficiency and faster work

The “Track Changes” function has been revised so that users can now track changes made by all users who have access to the document in addition to their own changes.


The new version 6.3 also contains numerous improvements that make it easier to work together on documents. The “track changes” function has been revised so that users can now track changes made by all users who have access to the document in addition to their own changes. The status of the follow-up is saved and is available even after the document is closed.

In addition, users now have access to new diagram types. For example, it is now possible to use a line diagram to map curves over a longer period of time and to display numerical values ​​for two series in scatter diagrams. ONLYOFFICE Docs now also supports combined diagrams.

Further innovations are the function of creating and managing hierarchical lists with just a few clicks, an improved spell check directly in the browser and the option of displaying tips and hints when creating macros. In addition, users can add frequently used documents as favorites and assign names to anonymous users with whom documents can be edited together.

Adjustments in the table and presentation editor

With scatter and line charts, two new chart types find their place in ONLYOFFICE Docs. Combined diagrams are also possible in the new version.


Various improvements for the table and presentation editor are also new. This gives users immediate access to the “XLOOKUP” function in the table editor, which can be used to search for a value in a data record (vertically or horizontally) and output it in another row or column. Likewise, data in pivot tables can now be grouped by date in a user-defined manner.

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Transparency settings for slides, column settings for text within shapes and buttons for changing upper and lower case and for highlighting text with color have been added to the presentation editor. In addition, animations added in other editors are no longer lost.

Update for desktop editors will follow in the coming weeks

In addition, ONLYOFFICE has announced that it will release version 6.3 for desktop editors in the coming weeks. The update contains the same functions as ONLYOFFICE Docs 6.3 and thus raises the desktop application to the same level as the online application.


ONLYOFFICE from Ascensio System SIA is one of the leading open source platforms for collaborative processing of documents with over 7 million users worldwide. The software integrates all known functions of common desktop applications and also contains numerous productivity tools such as document and project management, e-mail, CRM, calendar and chat.
ONLYOFFICE also offers users extensive online functions: access from any location and from any device, fast file exchange and collaboration in real time.

ONLYOFFICE online editors can be integrated into any cloud platform such as Nextcloud, ownCloud and Seafile. The open source API allows developers to write their own add-ons. The complete source code of ONLYOFFICE is available on GitHub. Ascensio System SIA is a member of the Open Source Business (OSB) Alliance, the most important lobby group for the open source economy in Germany.
More information is available at



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