Spotify launched a new section as part of its subscription music service, as well as the free one. As part of the customization you do for each user, they launched the campaign Only you (Only You, in English), which presents a series of data that shows what makes you unique within the platform.

To access it, you will have to go to your application Spotify, either on desktop or mobile device or to the website, to start watching why are you so different from your friends, as far as musical matters are concerned.

Through stories, you will discover unusual transitions, such as jumping from pop icons like Belinda to rock and roll classics like Iron Maide. Also, of times: of the 2000, through the 60s and until 2021, with some new song.

Also, what are your most listened to songs in certain parts of the day. However, the most interesting thing is that you will be able to make playlists in a matter of seconds, selecting between polls interactive with some of your favorite groups.

These stories not only will they stay on your phone and application, but also They will be used to share them on your social networks and show off to your friends and followers that characteristic musical feature that no one else has.

Also, present what is your musical horoscope, which will represent your moon sign, sun sign and rising sign represented by some of your favorite artists. What are the artists and songs that make you different from others?

Spotify prepares option to share your likes with friends

The company prepares an option called Blend, which is in beta version of development and would allow two users to share what they like most in common in a perfect playlist to share their friendship through sound.

Said mix of music will be updated every day, and to do it you simply have to go to the “Made for you” section, then select “Invite” and once you accept, you will have access to the mix of things you like in common.