Only two weeks left to transfer his DIF hours to his CPF account

The Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne. – LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP

Employees in the private sector only have two weeks to transfer the rights they acquired from 2008 to 2014 under the individual right to training (DIF) to their personal training account (CPF), and millions of between them are preparing to lose them for lack of having done so. Until 2014, full-time employees were credited with twenty hours of training per year. In 2015, the CPF took over from the DIF, and it is now supplied to the tune of 500 euros per year. The deadline for transferring DIF hours to the CPF (one hour equivalent to 15 euros), initially set for December 31, has been extended to June 30, 2021.

Labor Minister Elisabeth Borne warned last week that there would be no further postponement. “We will not extend, I tell you clearly, beyond June 30,” she said before the Committee on Social Affairs of the National Assembly. According to the Ministry of Labor, “6.33 million DIF meters in total have been filled in by their holder since 2015”. For public officials, the transfer is automatic.

Ten million people did not make the transfer?

How many employees have not done so? In a statement released on June 1, the Federation of Vocational Training (FFP) estimated their number at 10 million, for an amount equivalent to around 12 billion euros. “This situation is occurring in a context of revival of both employment and the economy of France, a context in which the development of skills should have a central role,” she lamented. The Ministry of Labor scans the figure, without providing its own.

For Angeline Barth, Confederal Secretary of the CGT, the estimate is not absurd. She also regrets these wasted hours of training, and considers that they “should have been integrated automatically”. Point of view shared by Natanael Wright, founding president of the Wall Street English training institute, who published a survey on the subject. “We deprive 10 to 12 million French people of rights acquired through years of work because we have not managed to transfer them technically. It’s shocking, ”he said.

1.6 million training courses requested in 2021

“The communication campaign with employees was not up to par,” further regrets Natanael Barth. The Ministry of Labor denies this, highlighting its “many communication actions” with companies, professional organizations and unions, on social networks … However, some suspect the Ministry of not being more upset than that of the situation. “The CPF has a significant impact on the finances of France Compétences”, notes Angeline Barth.

The organization, which finances the CPF, apprenticeship or training for the unemployed, expects a deficit of 2.5 billion euros this year. The success of the CPF is no stranger to this, while the number of training courses requested rose from 630,000 in 2019 to 1.6 million in 2021, for an expected cost of 1.9 billion euros.