Only the truth! Lis Vega reveals the reason why she closed her OnlyFans

Last May TVNotas exclusively informed you that Lis Vega had closed her OnlyFans account, Well, he assured that he did it to survive during the pandemic, in addition, that his followers were already asking for racy content and he did not like that.

This is how the dancer told us the reasons why she closed her account: “Yes, and I closed my OnlyFans account because it had already become something very strong, because they were already going out of line with requests that only porn actresses could make. ”.

He also told us that if he earned very well during those months that he uploaded content: “Of course you earn a lot of money, logically, if you enter the game as strong as possible, but for me OnlyFans was only two percent of what I do As an artist: I dance, I act, I sing and I produce”.

Now in an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda, Lis Vega confirmed our information and explained that she created a character to give her a different approach to what she usually does: “I named her Penelope because when I’m in private I don’t even do half of the things I I can do in front of a camera. It’s a character, you bring out everything sensual and erotic.”

The famous commented that sometimes she took a photo in lingerie for her Instagram account and for OnlyFans she put “uncensored content” on it, so she uploaded nude images. Lis revealed that the first month she earned well, since she earned 11 thousand dollars (more than 220 thousand Mexican pesos), although little or little she began to lower the figure.

“It went very well, I earned 11 thousand dollars the first month, I never forget, I think with 4 photos a month. But the next month there were already 10, the next month it was 6 and it started to go down, and they asked me for more , and that was something else. Of 300 who entered, I had 50 later, “he mentioned.

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The dancer that we currently see in ‘The stars dance today’ confessed that she always wanted to avoid racy content, due to her return as an actress: “But the guys already sent explicit photos, they asked for more specific things, and I put in my wall ‘My content is sensual-erotic’, but people don’t understand”. Finally, the Cuban revealed that her photos were leaked on other social networks and she did not feel safe.

Only the truth!  Lis Vega reveals the reason why she closed her OnlyFans



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