Only seven German starters left: Svenja Thoes cancels the Hawaii start

Getty Images for Ironman A finish you won’t see from Svenja Thoes after her cancellation for the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.

It’s been a week since Svenja Thoes, if you don’t count the disqualification from Ireland, won her second long distance race this year. In June, the 31-year-old, who competes for LAZ Saarbrücken, won the Ironman Nice, only to celebrate her second official victory of the season over the 226 kilometers at the Ironman Italy a week ago with a time of 8:37 : 22 hours.

Start cancellation for the Ironman World Championship

Svenja Thoes was one of eight German athletes who qualified for Hawaii, but as she announced on Instagram, she will not be making the trip to Hawaii. After intensive discussions with her team, she decided not to take up her starting place at the Ironman World Championship because the costs for the World Championship this year were too high.

Seven German starters still there

Due to Thoes’ cancellation, the German starters are reduced to seven. In addition to the winner of the 2019 Hawaii race, Anne Haug, Laura Philipp, Kristin Liepold, Daniela Bleymehl and the professional debutants for the Central Pacific island race Laura Zimmermann, Elena Illeditsch and Jenny Schulz are also at the start .

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