Only loosen when it really fits (

Photo: dpa / Nicolas Armer

The Union Vice in the Bundestag Georg Nüßlein demands that after the formal expiry of the currently applicable Corona measures on February 14th, there must definitely be easing. This says a lot about the CSU politician’s understanding of fighting pandemics.

Even after more than a year of the corona crisis, Nüßlein does not understand that a virus is not interested in politically set deadlines. Of course, a specific date for an end to this constant burden sounds tempting. It looks like the first streak of light on the horizon after a long winter. In fact, however, the haggling over deadlines feeds a false hope: The belief that politicians can make a resolution to declare a disease defeated.

If you want to do something against growing impatience, you should argue with scientific criteria rather than a date. The development of the seven-day incidence, the R-value, the occupancy of the hospitals and knowledge about the risk of virus mutations are reliable indicators. Political action should only be taken when the majority of scientists say that these parameters allow an opening. If this happens too early, a new shutdown would be required in the worst case. It’s better to hold out a little longer now.


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