“Unpretentious entertainment for a couple of hours, with enough character development to start worrying when someone is bitten.”

Critics began to roll out the first reviews of the film “Resident Evil: Raccoon City” directed by Johannes Roberts. Some people liked the simplicity and unpretentiousness of the picture, when others scolded the film for gamers for being for gamers.

“The first film in the series that you can actually watch. At least once you do not envy people devoured by zombies “, – writes the New York Post.

“The film will delight longtime fans of the game series with a return to roots, but others will want to leave the city as quickly as possible – just like the main characters of the film.”, – sums up the Los Angeles Times.

“As a game adaptation, the film is so-so, but it is a great reference to the horror of the 90s”, — считает Flickering Myth.

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