The Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer Varela, reported this Tuesday that since last October 3, the change of headquarters of the federal agency that he directs to the city of Acapulco, Guerrero.

The new headquarters is located in the Smart Government Building, which is located on Avenida Costera Miguel Alemán, in front of Playa Hornos, in the city of Acapulco, Guerrero.

The change of headquarters of the secretariats of State of the public administration is the promise number 54 that the president made Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the beginning of his government.

During the morning press conference, Alcocer reported that they are working on a collaboration agreement with the Secretary of Culture, so that in the building located in Lieja, Mexico City, the Health Museum, which in the near future will open its doors to the entire population.

The head of the Ministry of Health indicated that it began with the transfer of the heads of the Undersecretariat for Prevention and Health Promotion, the Economic Analysis Unit, the Administration and Finance Unit, the Offices of the Secretary and the Insabi.

In addition to the incumbents, in the initial stage of the change of headquarters, general directors, area directors, trusted people from middle and senior management and grassroots who voluntarily requested to join in this stage were transferred.

The secretary indicated that in total, in this first stage, 100 people have been transferred. He said that in a second stage, by January 2022, another 200 people from the Health Secretary and of Cofepris, plus 120 from Insabi. He pointed out that it is estimated that at the end of the first half of 2022 around 1,200 workers have been transferred.

He assured that the relocation of personnel from other areas will be voluntary and progressive.

Measures for those who do not want change

Jorge Alcocer explained that according to the voluntary survey that they carried out in order to know the universe of personnel with intention of change, 944, that is, 20.5% of 4,600 participants answered affirmatively in exchange for residence.

The secretary indicated that those people who do not wish or cannot voluntarily move to Acapulco will have the opportunity to request their change of assignment.

He also said that an open dialogue with the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit to consider workers who wish to adhere to a voluntary retirement program, considering all their legal rights and personnel who wish to accelerate their retirement process will also be considered.

Salud will provide support to its workers

The Secretary of Health indicated that the agency works to generate the corresponding support for workers in the areas of housing, health, education, labor and transportation.

On the other hand, he said that he works with the Fovissste, the SEP, the SCT and the elected government of Guerrero, as well as with the housing and education regulatory bodies in the state to be able to provide the corresponding support to the spouses and family members of workers in matters of housing, health, education, transportation and employment.

He reported that the Fovissste has already started with the benefit for the purchase of housing, with 1,000 direct credits for workers who decide to change residence. At the same time, he indicated that the real estate industry in Acapulco is in the best position to avoid an increase in the cost of rents or the price of real estate when purchased.

In case of any medical emergency, the secretary said that care will be provided to the workers of this institution and their families in the General Hospital Dr. Donato G. Alarcón, at Acapulco General Hospital “El Quemado” and in the General Hospital Progreso CAAPS, as well as in health centers of the entity.

With regard to education, Alcocer indicated that the SEP has already offered facilities to transfer the sons and daughters of the institution’s staff to the basic and upper secondary education centers in the city of Acapulco.

Despite suspension in Health offices, Gatell sees no risk in opening schools

Despite the fact that last Monday, October 11, the Federal Health Secretariat published an agreement by which the terms and deadlines of the procedures and procedures carried out in some offices of the agency are suspended, due to the increase in Covid-19 cases in workers, the undersecretary Hugo Lopez-Gatell it does not consider that the reopening of schools could represent a risk for a rebound in the epidemic.

During his participation in the morning conference, the undersecretary of Prevention and health promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, said that the reopening of schools does not represent a risk for the rebound of the epidemic in Mexico and highlighted that at the national level, for 10 consecutive weeks, the third wave of the pandemic has reduced its intensity in all indicators .

The federal Ministry of Health published last Monday, October 11 in the Official Gazette of the Federation, an agreement that suspends the terms and deadlines of the procedures and procedures that are carried out in the Direct Offices of the Secretary, the Undersecretariat of Prevention and Health Promotion and the Office of the General Counsel of the Ministry of Health, this derived from the increase in confirmed cases of public servants who have tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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