“Online” thieves… an unemployed person steals a girl’s phone during a video call with her friend in Qena

Qena Governorate witnessed an incident that sparked social media, when a thief stole a girl’s phone while she was making a video call with one of her friends, and her friend managed to take a picture of him.

Major General Musaad Abu Sakeen, director of security in Qena, received a notification stating that a girl had filed for the theft of her phone while she was walking on the street by a thief who was riding a motorcycle.

It turned out that the girl was making a video call with her friend, and while she was on the street, the thief approached her and hijacked the phone and did not notice that the call was still connected, and her friend was able to take a picture of him through the screen.

A report of the incident was edited and the security services intensified their efforts to apprehend the thief.

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