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From experience with the Fold 2, the added value of the extra large screen is enormous. But it’s more about the little things that nobody cares about. For example, that you no longer have to turn your mobile to have youtube big. Something that always works annoying when your rotation is locked. The same with viewing photos. There I now miss my fold very much.

With the durability. Yes, I swore 1.5 years that everything was not so bad with the fold, that there was exaggeration with any risks of such a screen, etc. Although with me the plastic protective layer started to bubble after the first month, as with many , never had anything to do with it.

However, the hinge on the back, well, apparently 1 piece of fabric, or micro-stone, was enough to nullify the entire experience (in my opinion). The screen will then no longer open completely. Although in my case it was only a few degrees difference, this really broke the experience.

And then you look at the repair options. Samsung is very simple about that. We don’t say. Only when you send it in can we provide a price indication and that is a 100% recovery. In other words, that would also mean that the two scratches on the housing at the front would also be fixed. If you then look that replacing the inner screen costs 750 euros, which they will probably charge, well, then you have a new price for your repair of your phone. Probably.

So I decided to sell my phone, with a clear explanation of the condition. But then you only get ~300 euros for a 1600 euro phone. And if you then look around the marketplace, you see enough passing by where I recognize that the phone is not properly unfolded, where people still talk about as good as new.

Now I have the S22 ultra. Much better camera, and quite honestly, apart from those minor frustrations, it’s nice not to have to carry a brick in my pocket.

So if you would go for the Fold 4, take it with the Samsung subscription, for example, where you are insured for this type of damage/repair. It is possible that the costs are not too bad for such a repair, but I suspect not.



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