OnePlus launches one of the most unique smartwatches

OnePlus has unveiled its latest smartwatch, designed with a distinctive design and competitive specifications.

The new OnePlus Watch Cobalt comes with a durable metal case that is water and dust resistant, and an elegant leather strap to appear in its design as a distinctive wristwatch.

This watch has a 1.39-inch touch screen, protected by a layer of anti-shock and scratch-resistant glass, and a 400 mAh battery that is enough to work for several days on a single charge.

Through this watch, you can answer incoming phone calls to the phone paired to it, and can also be used to view photos, listen to music, and see messages and notifications received from the phone and its applications.

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And OnePlus equipped it with advanced sensors to measure heart rates and blood oxygen rates, and programs to measure the user’s physical activity rates, hours of sleep, and the number of steps he walks per day.

Source: ixbit

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