OnePlus 8 Pro can see through plastic and objects! Here is the proof and how it works

The new OnePlus 8 Pro that we reviewed a few days ago has a renewed 4-sensor camera that allows you to take good quality photos even in special situations. A positive news but which may not cause particular sensation as the discovery made on the so-called sensor seems to have colorfilter present precisely on the smartphone. Indeed its usefulness at the launch of the device had surprised us a little because if on the one hand it allows us to ” coloring ” in a unique way the shots certainly users in the daily life could also do without.

Here then in the last hours it was discovered, by pure chance, how this fourth camera not only allows you to shoot with a particular color thanks to the manual insertion of the filter but also to see through plastic objects light as if you were doing some sort of X-ray scan.

OnePlus 8 Pro: see through objects

In our review of the OnePlus 8 Pro we had not given much space to the sensor because we had found it not strongly implemented and above all with a utility that did not go too far beyond the classic filter that any other device on a software level could have. Well it seems that the sensor can also have a second purpose, that is to see through objects. Clearly not all but only those of plastic and light plastic.

The shots we made are clear. OnePlus 8 Pro once set with the filter of the Color sensor it allows you to take shots that show the ” entrails ” as if you were making a particular X-ray radiography. The reason seems soon clarified since the sensor uses a photographic technique called “ photochromy ” which allows to obtain color photos from black and white negatives. In this case for the result on plastic objects it seems to be the opposite with the possibility of even seeing through.

A particular effect which allows you to have shots that will not be possible with other smartphones. Baster in fact frame a light plastic object with the ColorFilter mode activated and magically it will be possible to observe everything inside it even managing to actually take a photo.

Clearly a fun discovery but that certainly will hardly be essential for the purchase of this smartphone. OnePlus 8 Pro in fact it has many other particularities and other top range features that can capture the attention of users such as the 120Hz display high quality but also a true top of the range hardware sector with the Snapdragon 865 which guarantees first class performance.