One x One of Racing: the scores against Banfield

In Uno x Uno we leave you the scores of Racing’s draw against Banfield for the League Cup. Here, the detail of the One x One of Racing 1 – Banfield 1. Do you agree with Racing de Alma?

1-Gaston Gomez (6): He participated little or nothing in the game, but he gave security. Nothing to do in the goal.

4-Ivan Pillud (4,5): A good closing with the team in attack and without suffering in the brand. He had a very clear heads up that didn’t even hit the bow.

2-Juan Cáceres (4): Erratic and badly stopped, he lost a lot in the brand and was not firm at all.

6-Lucas Orban (6,5): Good from above and very good with the ball. He almost never lost the mark and he showed solidity again.

5-Eugenio Mena (6): Faster and more firmly in the closures. One in the first time, the best. Also in the goal he had closed barbarian, but Quiroz threw himself and ended in goal. He was always an option in attack.

14-Maico Quiroz (4.5): From highest to lowest the party of the kid. He started well standing, with poise and distributing well. He began to lose the middle a little and made an unusual mistake in Banfield’s goal: with Mena closing he threw himself on the floor and put her inside.

23-Nery Domínguez (7.5): One who always delivers. Well on the mark, both as a libero and as a five and very well with the ball. He had faith, he went to look for her and scored the equalizing goal.

Charging …

11-Jonathan Gomez (6.5): He tried to be the owner of the ball. Nice passes between the lines, a great one to Pillud. He always went forward with intelligence.

17-Benjamin Garré (3): It always stays at the door. She had another chance and she didn’t take it. He lost hand in hand, he was soft, he did not unbalance and from a soft center of his came the counter to Banfield’s goal.

27-Javier Correa (3.5): With little mobility, more than anything in the first half in which he barely had a shot from outside. In the ST he improved a bit, but he lacked clarity.

20-Edwin Cardona (3): It started off well, but quickly fizzled out. Some good partnerships with Mena and a nice free kick. Once again he saw him again static and without clarity. He went out and was reproved by the people.

The One x One of Racing: the scores of the substitutes against Banfield

One x One Racing Banfield
The One x One of Racing with Banfield.

28-Tomas Chancalay (7): His entry was the one that changed the game. He brought a lot of dynamics and mobility. He peppered and unbalanced his zone, leaving several in the way. He found spaces. and he generated the corner that ended in the tie. The bad news is that he was expelled.

8-Fabricio Domínguez (4.5): It cost him to overflow and generate danger. She again abused a lot of heads up and lost often.

22-Carlos Alcaraz (5.5): I really want to order it and play. Something imprecise, but with him on the court the team had a different rhythm.

9-Enzo Copetti (5): He always tried and forced. He has one more gear and always demands the maximum in each play.

10-Matías Rojas (4.5): He entered on the end but participated little. Some passes to find the tie without a good destination.

DT: Fernando Gago (6): The team recovered its identity after a bad image in Peru. It is clear that it did not have the level and intensity of always, since it was a totally alternative 11, but Racing was the protagonist and generated some chances. Even at a disadvantage, he went with ideas to look for a tie. The income from the bench, all starters, gave another rhythm to the team that deserved more than a draw. The tie almost gave him first place and he has all the starters fresh for Tuesday.



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